Customer Testimonials

“Experience with doctor was wonderful. Doctor is caring, friendly and knowledgeable”.


Visited For Teeth Cleaning (Scaling)
“Good.. Explained this very well..answered all my questions.”


Visited For Teeth Cleaning (Scaling)
“Excellent experience. Would recommend. 
The doctor was friendly and took time out to explain everything in the procedure. 
He also answered all my other queries about future trouble and gave me solutions accordingly. “


“It was great experience with such a nice doc.,having extraordinary knowledge, will love to go again n againz:-D”


Good.. Explained this very well..answered all my questions………….why you guys need 100 character long feedback


I recommend the doctor
I recommend the doctor

Visited For Tooth Coloured Fillings
“He’s a very good dentist.makes you feel v comfortable,so your less fearfull. Explains the procedure to you.answers all your questions and is v skilled at his work.highly recommended.”

​….Janki Bhandari

Visited for Wisdom Teeth Extraction:

“Very good doctor, made me feel very comfortable, although he is extremely, the doctor is quite experienced and makes sure, patients are well aware of, whats going to happen. Very friendly approach and as a patient, I was quite confident.

Doctor is very approachable over WhatsApp or phone and makes sure he is available as and when needed. I visited the doctor atleast 10 times and the experience has been consistent all throughout. I visited Mydentist earlier and was quite happy with this approach.

Had also got tooth extracted. He also follows up, which is great, I mean who does that in this day and age.”


……Dhawal Shah

Happy with Doctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Value for money, Wait time

Doctor Desai is a very fine dental Surgeon. He is very friendly, puts you at ease & gives you proper & correct advice. He takes lot of interest & spends lot of time explaining every aspect to the patient.His clinic is very clean.Even his staff is very helpful.agraph here.

– Colonel John Serrao

Visited ForDental Surgery

Happy withDoctor friendliness, Explanation of the health issue, Treatment satisfaction, Wait time

Dr. Rujit is highly recommended for everyone. The way he explains the problem and gives medications is extremely satisfying. I had a wisdom tooth problem and he got it extracted with the help of the surgeon painlessly. One need not go for a second opinion also. Thanks and Kudos!!Type your paragraph here.

Varun Dixit